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Lathrop Irrigation District began providing retail electric service in April 2013 after being formed in 2002. LID began service with just two customers: Comcast and River Islands Technology Academy. LID was formed to be the electric provider for homes and businesses on Stewart Tract, a new and growing section of Lathrop. It has an elected board that is answerable to local residents rather than the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission). The board is comprised of land owners and is locally elected.

LID serves electricity to residences and businesses within the River Islands at Lathrop development. At this time, there are no plans to serve other areas of Lathrop with power--PG&E will continue to be the provider outside of LID territory. 

The first phase of development (over 4,000 homes and three million square feet of commercial space) is fully entitled and ready for construction. Construction of infrastructure in this phase is nearly complete and vertical construction is underway. Eventually, LID will provide electric service for retail and office facilities, educational and recreational amenities, entertainment, employment and environmental enhancements to the city.