Where do I return my completed application?

Completed CARES applications can be mailed to:

Lathrop Irrigation District
P.O. Box 1397
Lathrop, CA 95330

Who qualifies as a person living in my home on a full time basis?

Any person living in your home for a combined total of 6 months or longer qualifies as full-time basis.

What documents can I use as proof of income?

Proof of income may include award letters, paystubs, etc. LID will not accept bank statements as proof of gross income. If you need a copy of your Social Security Award Letter, please contact the local Social Security office at (888) 748-7698.

What does LID do with my information?

The information you provide on your application and required documentation is used to determine and verify your eligibility for assistance through the LID CARES program. All information is confidential and is NOT shared with outside agencies.

How do I know my application has been approved?

You will receive an approval confirmation or denial letter in the mail once your application is processed.

When will I see the CARES discount on my bill?

The CARES discount is applied to your bill once your application has been processed and approved, which can take up to 4 – 6 weeks from the date the completed application is submitted to LID.

IRS FORM 4506-T:

Why do I need to fill out this form?

IRS Form 4506-T allows LID, if needed, to request a copy of your Tax Return Transcript from the IRS to verify annual gross income and number of dependents in the household. All information will remain confidential.

Do I need to submit this form even if I did not file taxes?

Yes. If you did not file taxes, mark box 7 on the form (Verification of Non-filing).

Do I need to fill out this form if I/my partner/my child doesn’t work?

Yes. A completed form is required for all adults over the age of 18 living in the home on a full-time basis.